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You are a SCOUT, you take care of your laptop - you should have your own polycarbonate cover. It will protect your equipment and against unexpected events !!!


Polycarbonate is a highly advanced material that is characterized by exceptional durability, lightness, resistance to cracking and impact (with a ball, hammer, stone). Polycarbonate is also resistant to weather conditions (both high and low temperatures from -40 ° C to +120 ° C).

The cover is therefore an excellent protective element for computer equipment, stored data or cameras. The low weight of the cover and the appropriate flexibility ensure high strength and durability of the product. The structure and material from which it was made ensure perfect attachment of the cover to the table top or desk. Additional cable openings ensure safety around your workplace.



Standard and most popular sizes are: (A) 10cm, (B) 30cm, (C) 10cm, and (D) 45cm.

It is possible to individually determine the dimensions, engrave a company (club) logo, any advertisement and cut out additional mounting elements, e.g. for a camera or microphone, which will make the cover more attractive and your work will be more pleasant and comfortable.

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