[cml_media_alt id='244']Scout Basket - Data Project[/cml_media_alt]Scout Basket was developed for you, the Basketball coach, so that you can keep your technical and tactical game situations under control. The program can be used to gather data from the game for both teams in order to carry out a detailed analysis. It can also be used to display the statistics on the screen whilst a game is being broadcasted on television.


[cml_media_alt id='141']Data Video Ess - logo[/cml_media_alt]Obtain a complete synthesis of the rotations using three keys in the video analysis system. The system allows you, the coach, to study your team or the opponent team even if you don?t have the tools and time of a professional team.


[cml_media_alt id='142']Data Video Professional - logo[/cml_media_alt]Data Video Professional is the video analysis software that allows you to prepare your team in advance. It takes a few seconds to synchronize the scout to the video: you will immediately be able to replay the game and edit the rallies, in the order you chose, in order to study and analyze your team (i.e. for rotations, attack zones etc.)


[cml_media_alt id='144']Video Sharing - logo[/cml_media_alt]Video Sharing 2009 is the program used for sharing digital videos of volleyball matches through the internet. It provides great digital quality of the new video compressing technologies as well as offering a straight forward and user friendly interface. Federations and Leagues can now share technical videos of the matches without having to send DVD?s by post to the different clubs and without having to send out technical staff.


[cml_media_alt id='140']Data Training - logo[/cml_media_alt]Data Training 2 is used to program and analyze your job as a coach. Data Training 2 helps you organize your training in an easy and organized way. You schedule a training session, set the intensity and the goals you want to achieve allowing you to amend a drill in the session.

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