[cml_media_alt id='142']Data Video Professional - logo[/cml_media_alt]Statistical video analysis allows you to prepare your team for every possible situation in the game. Video data is used to track all statistical and technical / tactical events and view them in order by creating custom video mounts

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it is used for programming and analyzing the trainer's work. Data Training 2 helps you organize your training in an easy and organized way. You plan your training session, set the intensity and goals you want to achieve, allowing you to change the exercise within the session.

Thanks to the extensive module of the exercise database, you will be able to build a structure of folders and exercises tailored to the needs of your academy.

Thanks to the video tagging mechanism, you can automatically collect match or training statistics of your players as units or statistics of the entire team. Additionally, by creating your own tags, you can conduct your analysis from any angle you create!

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