Electronic scoreboard integrated with reporting software

Tech4Sport launches the LEDBox. New full-color LED table display (60cm by 20cm), designed and built to display the match results of any sport.
It can be shared with other coaches / clubs, even in other disciplines, everyone has their own account and personal area; It can work with all software on the market (e-Scoresheet Indoor and beach, Data Volley) and can be piloted with an app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple Store. And it connects in all possible ways: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, USB.



During international and professional volleyball and BeachVolley matches, the LEDbox automatically connects to Data Project's electronic reporting software via USB or Bluetooth. It recognizes all commands used in the old Litescore, improving both the graphics (teams can be distinguished by the team color set in the e-Scoresheet) and the content (eg Updates the number of Challenge video requests per team).

Main assumptions

"When technology helps coaches, teams and executives at work, and generates profit"

LEDbox is a platform for receiving, processing and visualizing multimedia content, such as: scores, data, texts, images, films and audio files. It is based on a microcomputer, a color LED display with very good resolution and brightness, embedded system software and a wireless management application available for free in the Play Store and Apple Store.


Software integration reporting

LEDbox automatically recognizes the connection with the e-Scoresheet software by Data Project and displays the official data in real time, in accordance with the requirements of the FIVB regulation.


The LEDbox shows all the official match data with the colors of the relative team (ie results, substitutions, timeouts etc.). This can be done based on personalized interfaces for each sport, both in the app and on the display.

Special results

The basic design of the LEDbox provides the implementation of simple interfaces for managing special results and special exercises (eg the so-called "Wash Drills" exercises in volleyball).
Some of them are already in place, others, for several disciplines, are ongoing.

Temporization exercises

Through the app, anyone can configure their own exercise sequences (such as a Stretching Routine) with relative images and execution schedule. LEDbox will guide the team on what needs to be done and determine the preparation and execution time. This can be done for all types and sequences of exercises and training sections that we want to manage.

Video playlist

Anyone can create one or more playlists with their sponsors' logos and videos. They can be displayed before, during (eg. Break) and after the game. A simple and immediate way to increase the visibility of your sponsor (displaying results is the most watched point by the audience) and contribute to the economic balance of the company.

List containing audio

With LEDbox advertising, you can create and play audio playlists before and after the match. This can be easily done by connecting the input to a sports hall sound system or a loudspeaker.


EDbox allows you to visualize any message currently created with the application. The scrolling effect and character dimensions can be personalized on the fly.

Technical data


RGB LED matrix 192 x 64 px.


Quadcore 1.5 Ghz.


1 GB.


16 GB.


USB, LAN, wireless 802.11.b / g / n / ac dual band 2.4GHz e IEEE 5GHz, Bluetooth 4.2, BLE.

Power Supply:

24 VDC 10 Amp.


150 W.


60 x 23 x 10 (L x A x P).


2.90 Kg.


n. 1 LEDbox, n. 1 Power 24 VDC 10 A, n. 1 Quick Start.



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